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If arriving by car, please consider these factors:

1. Select a hotel that minimises the amount of driving across the City - the average speed in central     London is said to be less than 10mph!

2. Arriving Monday to Friday may involve paying the Congestion Charge. (see www.cclondon.com)

3. All our hotels offer on-site parking.

By Train

London has at least 6 main-line railway stations so establish which station you will arrive at/depart from, and then select your hotel accordingly. If you are uncertain then call us in the office and we will happily discuss this with you. If arriving Saturday, try to be in London by 11.30 latest…. this will allow for travel delays and, most importantly, time to travel out to race registration at the ExCel Centre.

By Air

Whilst actual flying time to London may often be relatively short, please bear in mind:

1.  That central London is another hour away from both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

2.  Consider that race registration is at the ExCeL Centre which is some way from central London via the      Underground and DLR railway. It is open from Wednesday to Friday until 20.00 hours but on     Saturday it closes at 17.00 hours. No number = no run!

3.  If departing on Sunday, you cannot be certain how long you will take to complete the marathon.

     Bear in mind that your post-race movements may be a lot slower due to fatigue and cramp. We      recommend that you allow roughly 2 hours to be processed at the finish and return to your hotel,

     shower etc. Add this to check in time to calculate what homeward flight you can realistically make.

Travel - In London

London Underground ticket offices are mainly phased out and those that remain often have lengthy queues. We would highly recommend using a contactless payment card or purchasing an Oyster Card for use on both the Underground and the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). (see www.tfl.gov.uk)